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EnviroScreen™ : 

Environmental Pathogen Testing Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Environmental Screenings​
Disruptive Testing Technology ​

Cannabis growers should look for a testing program that is flexible and allows for targeted testing of their growing space. An effective environmental screening program should alert growers to the source of contamination. Once the source is identified, the remediation on those specific problem areas is more cost-effective than addressing
the entire facility.

With EnviroScreenTM you can identify up to 30 bugs in your facility and on your crop with the stroke of a swab. Pathogens can wreak havoc in terms of compliance testing or worse, destroy your crop entirely.

How to Screen Your Environment
with PathogenDX EnviroScreenTM

All it takes is the PathogenDX EnviroScreenTM swab.
EnviroScreen is a simple two-step process consisting
of swabbing and then sending.


Swab key areas of your grow and discover detected Pathogens coming from places one never imagined possible, or from areas where others thought they had already performed a deep-clean.


Identify contamination early In these problem areas:
• Floors, Walls and Ceilings

• Ventilation Ducts
• Working Surfaces

• Equipment & Tools
• Racks & Hoods

• Drains & Hoses


Sample Collection
• Pull Swab Out of Tube

• Don’t Touch Swab Tip

• Swab 12” x 12” Area

• Place Swab Back into Tube & Seal It

• Mark Location of Sample Collected

Drop off or mail to a local lab.
• In 24 hours or less you will have results.
• One swab can test for 30 pathogens 

Target Organisms

• Total Aerobic Bacteria: High sensitivity
• Total Aerobic Bacteria: Medium sensitivity
• Total Aerobic Bacteria: Low sensitivity

• Bile-tolerant Gram-negative: High sensitivity

• Bile-tolerant Gram-negative: Medium sensitivity

• Bile-tolerant Gram-negative: Low sensitivity

• Total Enterobacteriaceae: High sensitivity

• Total Enterobacteriaceae: Medium sensitivity
• Total Enterobacteriaceae: Low sensitivity
• Total Yeast & Mold: High sensitivity
• Total Yeast & Mold: Medium sensitivity
• Total Yeast & Mold: Low sensitivity
• Candida/ Saccharomyces & Kluyveromyces spp.
Golovinomyces spp.

• Salmonella
• Escherichia coli/Shigella spp.
• Fusarium spp.

• Aspergillus fumigatus
• Aspergillus niger
• Aspergillus terreus
enterica/ enterobacter spp.
• Pseudomonas spp.
• Staphylococcus aureus
• Listeria spp.
• Bacillus spp.
• Aspergillus

• Penicillium
• Botrytis spp.

• Penicillium paxilli
• Penicillium spp.
• Alternaria spp.
• Candida albicans
• Cladosporium spp.
• Blumeria spp.
• Mucor spp.
• Podosphaera spp.
• Saccharomyces spp.
• Podosphaera spp.

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