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PathogenDx Assays

PathogenDx offers a series of nucleic acid microarray diagnostic assays (DetectX, EnviroX, and QuantX) for pathogen testing in food, agriculture, and environmental safety. Each of the PathogenDx diagnostic assays offer:


  • Rapid Detection and/or Quantitation: 6-8 hours without sample pre-enrichment.

  • High degree of species or indicator class specificity using unique probe sequences.

  • High assay sensitivity (DetectX - down to 1 CFU/gram) to meet the demands of state regulations.

  • The ability to analyze raw sample lysate without the need for DNA purification or normalization.

  • The ability to multiplex up to 44 unique organisms in triplicate.

  • All in one low-cost platform with multiple revenues generating opportunities.

While the microarray content and highlighted purpose may differ among the different assays. The same basic laboratory workflow and equipment used remains the same.

Each assay is performed using the same sample processing, sample lysis, two-step PCR reactions, slide hybridization and image scanning and analysis. The difference in each assay is related to the PCR primer mixes that are used, the PCR conditions for each assay, and the specific microarray content being analyzed. This makes it easy to implement multiple PathogenDx assays in the same lab, requiring minimal additional training and no additional equipment requirements.